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Wabco MAXX Air Disc Brake

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On April 22, WABCO held a media meeting in Beijing. Chen Chunyi, general manager of host sales in China, briefed the media on WABCO's performance in the past year on behalf of the company, and introduced the technologies and products that will be focused and promoted in 2016. In the subsequent Q &amp; a session, Chen Chunyi had in-depth exchanges with the participating media on WABCO's technology, products, market and other aspects.


WABCO, with a history of nearly 150 years, is the world's leading supplier of safety and efficiency technologies and control systems for commercial vehicles. Over the years, WABCO has continuously led breakthroughs and innovations in mechanical, electromechanical and electronic technologies, and provided braking, stability control and automatic transmission control products and systems for the world's leading manufacturers of commercial trucks, buses and trailers. WABCO is on the list of parts suppliers of almost all mainstream truck and bus manufacturers in China. WABCO has always been the guarantee of quality in the hearts of Chinese commercial vehicle users.

According to Chen Chunyi, in terms of local currency, the annual sales of WABCO in 2015 increased by 6.6% year-on-year. Against the background of the weak performance of the global commercial vehicle market, this performance is quite difficult to achieve. WABCO also maintained stable growth in the more bleak Chinese commercial vehicle market. Speaking of his views on the Chinese market, Chen Chunyi said that although China's commercial vehicle market showed low demand due to the slowdown of economic growth, "however, China is a mature market and WABCO still has confidence in the Chinese market."

"Let the main engine factory do what makes the car run, and let the car run and stop safely is what WABCO has always been committed to doing." Chen Chunyi's remark impressed the reporter of commercial vehicle news. From the first anti lock braking system (ABS) launched in 1981 to the first manual transmission system (AMT) in 1986 to the first automatic emergency braking system (AEBS) in 2008, and then to the first electronic braking system (EBS) for hybrid trucks and buses in 2012... WABCO continues to provide reliability assurance for safe driving of vehicles with leading technologies and products.
 In 2016, WABCO will continue to introduce advanced technologies and products into China's commercial vehicle market.

MBSP is a new generation of WABCO braking system platform. Its outstanding performance is developed based on WABCO's decades of mature experience in advanced braking systems in the field of commercial vehicles. The platform is compatible with WABCO anti lock braking system and electronic braking system parts and system software, and reaches the highest level in the industry. The wabcombsp platform has halved the number of parts of the anti lock braking system, which is equivalent to that of the electronic braking system.

The wabcombsp platform allows trucks and buses of the main engine plant to switch freely between ABS and EBS platforms. With the unique advantages of MBSP, vehicle manufacturers can significantly shorten the time required for system development, installation and software testing, and speed up the approval of their various brands and vehicle product combinations around the world, so that new trucks and buses can enter the market faster.
 At present, this system has been adopted on the global platform of well-known truck manufacturers, and the cooperation with other domestic main engine manufacturers is also in the process of contact.
 Wabcoonguard is an active safety system for commercial vehicles. It is based on radar technology and realizes the functions of collision early warning and collision mitigation through active braking and adaptive cruise control system. The highlight of OnGuard is that it can still identify targets in low visibility, which depends on its excellent 77GHz radar system. Its bandwidth is five times that of 24GHz radar, which can detect targets with higher accuracy. The detection distance is also longer, up to more than 650 feet (about 200 meters), which can identify potential dangerous situations earlier and brake safely and smoothly.

MAXX air disc brake

Maxxtm is the latest, lightest and best performance single piston air disc brake. Maxx series covers all specifications of commercial vehicles from light to heavy vehicles. Over the years, WABCO's air disc brake has enjoyed high customer satisfaction. The very successful pantm series has become synonymous with lightweight design and reliability in the industry. Its performance in various applications exceeds that of traditional drum brakes. Maxx is the next natural evolution of WABCO technology - even in the most demanding applications, this series of pneumatic air disc brake can improve safety reserve and reduce weight at the same time.
 According to reports, pantm has been the industry benchmark, but Maxx has exceeded its performance by 20%.
 Wabcoecas provides drive assistance, which can also improve vehicle transportation efficiency. It has the characteristics of automatic load conversion, intelligent level height control, automatic load protection, manual control options, drive assistance, lifting axle control and so on, which can help 6 × 2. Improve the traction performance of the model to make it close to the same configuration 6 × 4 models, while effectively reducing the vehicle weight and vehicle cost.

At the meeting, Chen Chunyi focused on the relevant functions introduced by ECAs for the logistics team. In addition to providing driving assistance for single cars and improving vehicle transportation efficiency, ECAs can also provide a series of functions for the logistics team, such as cargo protection, fast traction help function, lifting bridge control, axle load monitoring, memory height during loading and unloading, fast connection, different driving body height and so on.

Chen Chunyi believes that the design and use of lifting bridges are encouraged after the revision of gb1589, and ECAs will be more widely used in China in the future.

Wabcooptipace adopts on-board digital map technology and proprietary algorithm, which can predict and plan the most economical route according to the terrain characteristics of the road ahead. In addition, this system also helps vehicles save fuel and reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. The birth of optipace marks that WABCO has reached a new height in vehicle safety and efficiency technology.

In 1996, WABCO began mass production of electronic brake system (EBS). Since then, as the world's leading supplier of electronic braking systems, WABCO has developed electronic braking systems for trucks, trailers and buses. In order to meet the changing market demand, WABCO has developed a new generation of electronic braking system ebs3. According to Chen Chunyi, ebs3 is the latest generation product developed for new energy and hybrid vehicles. It can solve the problems encountered by new energy vehicles. It is especially suitable for the electronic braking system of new energy buses. In addition, ebs3 system can also improve braking comfort and provide better energy recovery efficiency.

With the continuous expansion of the application scope of these technologies, the safe driving, intelligent driving and efficient driving of Chinese commercial vehicle users will enter a new stage, which is also the beautiful vision that WABCO has been trying to describe.

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