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     At the beginning of entrepreneurship, we could only produce brake repair kits and parts. After continuous technological transformation and product upgrading, now we have completed a full range of brakes, including heavy trucks, new energy, light trucks, buses, trailers and special vehicles.

     Through continuous technological innovation, breaking through technical difficulties, our air disc brake calipers have passed the third-party test in the United States, fully conforms to international standards and breaks the industry monopoly.

     We have designed and developed special air disc brake caliper for 8 * 8 military armored vehicles. It has passed various harsh road conditions tests in hot areas, cold areas, plateaus, deserts and so on, and has been supplied in batch for China Ordnance Group.

1. Trilinear Coordinate Measuring Machine

Measuring various space sizes.

Trilinear Coordinate Measuring Machine

2. R&D Team

New products fast developing.

R&D team

3. Inertia Test Bench

Braking performance test.

innertia test bench.jpg

Braking system specialist, protect your automotive moving safty.