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Air Disc Brake Caliper Construction Exploded View

Apr,09,2022 << Return list

Air Disc Brake Caliper is critical safe part.

Toget is proud of the product quality and brand reputation.

The construction can be seen below.



1. Adjuster Cap

2. Chain Cover Bolt

3. Chain Cover

4. Chain

5. Sprocket

6. Pad Wear Warning Indicator Pin

7. Secondary Adjuster Asssembly

8. Primary Adjuster Assembly

9. Housing

10. Needle Bearing

11. Side Plug

12. Short Guide Sleeve Bolt

13. Short Guide Sleeve

14. Short Guide Sleeve Bush

15. Long Guide Sleeve End Cap

16. Long Guide Sleeve Bolt

17. Long Guide Sleeve

18. Brass Bush

19. Guide Sleeve Boot

20. Guide Sleeve Boot Washer

21. Pad Retainer

22. Pad Retainer Clip 

23. Pad Retainer Washer

24. Pad Retainer Pin

25. Lever Assembly

26. Lever Roller

27. Actuation Block

28. Piston

29. Return Spring

30. Tappet Bush

31. Secondary Seal

32. Cover Plate

33. Tappet Boot Assembly

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At Toget, focus on air disc brake calipers technics, exceeding industry standards is a strict requirement.

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