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2023: Start the new year's journey

Jan,30,2023 << Return list

TOGET braked on January 29, 2023, the eighth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the first day of resumption of work and production. The company achieved resonance at the same frequency: the "first lesson of starting work in 2023" was carried out simultaneously. Everyone quickly "returned to their positions" and set off again to start the new year's journey of struggle.

At the training meeting for the first lesson, Chairman Zhang Zhongguo gave a meeting speech and encouragement from the aspects of enterprise management and control, monitoring, and challenges.

Director Yang Zhijin of the office analyzed and explained the safety production work in detail from several aspects such as production safety, hazards around him, safety (behavior) management, and safety accident-related cases.

The meeting requested that the safety production responsibility system be strictly implemented, and at the same time strictly control the safety production of the resumption of work and production after the festival, the "fence" of safety production should be firmly established and densely woven, and the bottom line of safety production should be firmly guarded.

New year new life. During the Spring Festival, domestic and foreign orders poured in, and the production tasks were tense and orderly carried out on the first day of construction. In 2023, TOGET's brake production capacity will be doubled to ensure timely delivery of orders.

In the new year, let us hold on to the green hills and not relax! Challenge everything impossible! TOGET Brake is with you all the way!

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