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Toget Brake has signed another European axle supporting project! Export orders have been arranged full to August!

May,19,2022 << Return list

Recently, Toget Brake has reached a strategic cooperation with another well-known European axle company. The company's newly produced disc axles in 2022 will all be equipped with Toget high-end disc brakes.

This is a journey full of hardships and joys. As a key safety component of a vehicle, in order to obtain the user's approval, it is not only necessary to fully conduct technical communication and docking, but also to submit relevant review materials according to customer requirements, from sample trial production to test testing, from customer samples to small batch road tests. Long-term repeated inspection and improvement. Through repeated experience and high-end positioning, the Toget brake technology and marketing team have overcome the obstacles of remote communication and solved the problem of axle installation and matching. During the trial process, the durability and adaptability of key components were strengthened in combination with the regional characteristics of the customer's market. After years of repeated running-in, it has finally won high recognition from customers. From small batch trials to complete trust, Toget high-end disc brakes have passed the rigorous tests of European customers.

Since March 2022, in the face of the severe development situation and overcoming the impact of the new crown virus, Toget's marketing team has adopted "remote marketing", in accordance with the company's "result-oriented thinking", began to work hard on its own, and improved its comprehensive technology. and business ability, repeatedly practice domestic and foreign trade marketing skills, insist on work goals, encourage work motivation, and actively seek market breakthroughs. The company has successively received orders from customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia. At present, the production and sales situation is good. The company has double-shift production and operation, and the export orders have been placed in August! Zaozhuang Evening News, Xinhua News Agency and many other media came to the company for on-site reports and publicity.

As a professional high-end commercial vehicle pneumatic disc brake factory, Toget Brake is the first company in China to manufacture disc brakes for European customers. Assembly inspection and other comprehensive industrial chain capabilities. The company adopts modular lean production, standardized quality control, and the products are manufactured in full accordance with the military's quality requirements.

The signing of this project has enriched the company's product layout in overseas markets and enhanced the company's brand awareness in overseas markets. It is of great significance to further consolidate the foundation of overseas markets and radiate to surrounding markets.

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