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Toget Air Disc Brakes Are Authorized Foreign Invention Patents

Apr,22,2022 << Return list

Good news! High-end air disc brakes are authorized foreign invention patents


Toget Brake continues to innovate in technology and build an independent high-end disc brake R&D base


Recently, the commercial vehicle disc brake assembly, commercial vehicle brake caliper body and other products developed by Toget Brake Co., Ltd. have obtained a number of US invention patents. European invention patents have also passed the PCT review.


This series of products has strong technical originality. It is independently developed and designed by the R&D team of Toget Brake. From the core brake clearance self-adjustment mechanism to the innovative design of the overall caliper, it has achieved originality and improvement, and completely solved the problem. It solves the comprehensive problems of unstable clearance adjustment, over-adjustment lock and poor durability of the air disc brake caliper clearance adjustment mechanism, ensuring that the braking clearance can be constant and reliable in any situation mode. The product can be applied to various commercial vehicles, especially Applied to all kinds of trailers and dangerous goods transport vehicles, it can ensure smooth and efficient braking, and eliminate the risk of high temperature dragging and grinding. It greatly improves the safety, stability and durability of the vehicle.


These invention patents have achieved the world's first in terms of structural originality and functional application, and have successfully obtained foreign invention patent authorization, which not only fills the gap in the global industry, but also breaks the technical barriers of the industry. It also stabilizes the domestic market and expands the international market for the company. Laid a solid foundation.


In recent years, Toget Brake has continuously increased its investment in product research and development, and continued to purchase high-precision research and development equipment. It has successively equipped the air disc brake caliper inertia test bench / torsional fatigue test bench / brake clearance adjustment mechanism performance test bench / high and low temperature Test bench/brake durability test bench/brake drag torque test bench, etc. The technology center has comprehensive testing equipment such as three-coordinate precision testing, physical and chemical material analysis, and heat treatment research and application. The company's testing center has full-featured testing and testing of air disc brake calipers ability.

So far, Shandong Toget Brake has 62 patents related to commercial vehicle air disc brake calipers, and has independently developed more than 100 varieties of new product series. It has become a professional manufacturer of air disc brake calipers with the most complete series in China. The products cover passenger cars. /Heavy trucks/trailers/light trucks, etc., suitable for Scania/Volvo/Benz/Neoplan/Manca and other well-known foreign commercial vehicles Automobile/and various types of passenger cars and trailer axles.


Shandong Toget Brake will continue to encourage the technical team, enhance the technical research and development strength, implement technological innovation and breakthroughs in independent property rights, and actively cooperate with domestic universities to create a new research and development base with independent core technology and innovation capabilities, striving for national level The testing and testing center provides high-quality air disc brake calipers for commercial vehicles at home and abroad.

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