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Toget Air Disc Brake Used On Military Vehicles

Apr,26,2022 << Return list

Military Vehicle Application

China North Industries Corp launched the military vehicle brake project bid.

Most domestic major brake enterprises participated in the bidding, and supplied their designed brake caliper for test.

After four years harsh road test, our brake beat out the competition.

We have started the batch supply of military vehicle supporting brake.


Why could we win the project?

1. Rapid developing capability.

We build up the whole industry chain control, have all the core parts designed and produced by ourselves, that ensured we could develop the brake assembly within 60 days.

2. Strong R & D team

Our company has a large number of domestic and foreign patents authorization. Toget engineers have strong R & D capacity,  possess rich experience, can quickly solve all kinds of industry problems.

3. Stable quality support.

From casting, forging, machining, assembly, we have strict quality management system. We design and produce the core adjuster mechanism with our own intellectual property. And we have higher technical requirement for the torque force, input output force, lever ratio, parallelism, stable clearance than industry standards.

4. Good Service.

Service is based on full communication. Military vehicles need to meet the requirements of all terrain and landform such as high cold, high heat, desert, plain and hill. Our engineers have made a new design for the brake structure and internal core components to meet specific demands.

We always produce our brake calipers with military quality.

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Toget Brake

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At Toget, focus on air disc brake calipers technics, exceeding industry standards is a strict requirement.

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